Organise, practice and perform like a mestro.
All your sheet music in one place.

All your sheet music in one place.

All your music is stored in cloud and sycned between devices,
so you can access it from anywhere. Web or Mobile app.

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Organise with ease.

Our advanced algorithms will help you automatically recognise songs you add. And organise them for you.


Add music sheets.

Scan your music sheets or import them as
pictures or files. We support pdf, txt,
music xml and many other file formats.


We will analyze music sheets and recognize titles,
authors and other music data for you. No more
manual editing!

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Searching, sorting and filtering
music sheets was never easier.

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All in one music app.

Maestro Amadeus Web and Mobile app is optimized for your practice. And best performance on stage.


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Large community library.

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Access more than 200.000 music sheets.
Add them to your personal collection or
share your own music with others.


Become Virtuoso. Try Maestro Amadeus!

Download the Maestro Amadeus app or sing up online and become better musician today.

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